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Salisbury Beach sits on the platform at Los Angeles, California attached to the rear of Amtrakís Coast Starlight bound for Oakland on LARail.comís Midwest Circle Trip.

The porter, for a passengerís afternoon nap, makes up a Roomette, the customary accommodation for the 1950ís Businessman or solo traveler.

The Bedroom Suites are ideal for parties of two or four. Beds in one room fold away to make space for two comfortable chairs during the day.

The mirroring Suite folds up to reveal a plush sofa for three.

Section Bunks are set down for the night. During the day, the top Berth folds up and the bottom bunk slides apart to provide comfortable day settings for four.

Here is another view of the Sections.

These are sections made up for the day. A removable table and flowers add a nice touch to such a versatile living space.

A kitchenette is located in one end of the car, providing snacks and drinks for passengers.

The hallway, seen with Bedrooms to the right, is adorned with an American flag for Independence Day.

September 21, 2008
Heading over the Los Angeles river en route to San Diego as part of the
American Association of Private Rail Car Owner's Convention Steam Special Train.

En Route to Oakland, California, January, 2009

San Pedro, California 2008

Boston, Massachusetts 2008